Destination & Marketing Consulting

Over the course of three decades, Mark has developed destination expertise in several key regions. And his knowledge can help your business. When Great Value Vacations, a leading vacation packager based in the United States, decided to expand its product range further into Latin America, they tapped into Mark’s knowledge of the region, as well as his content expertise, by hiring him as a consultant — twice. Read on to see what he can do for you, and how his services and expertise can help your business grow.

Destination Consulting Services

• Performing destination research and creating reports, to identify the target audience, consumer profile and sales potential of individual destinations.

• Researching and providing expert opinions on the most appropriate hotels, tour operators and government offices with whom to partner.

• Sharing key contacts for potential partners, and also organizing appointments, site inspections, hotel stays and tours during research trips.

• Serving as Spanish-English interpreter for meetings and inspections during research trips.

• Writing and creating detailed training guides for company staff, highlighting everything from history to geography, from top attractions to insider travel tips and the best hotels.

• Conducting in-office training sessions for salespeople, detailing the ins and outs of selling each destination.

• Assistance with ideas and creation of content for websites and marketing materials.

• Marketing Latin America as a tourism destination effectively to the U.S. and Canadian markets. 

• Marketing the United States as a tourism destination effectively to Latin American markets.

• Developing LGBTQ+-targeted products and services.