Fasten Your Seatbelts

Prepare for Departure: Notes on a Single Mother, a Misfit Son, Inevitable Mortality and the Enduring Allure of Frequent Flyer Miles is a memoir about a mother, a son and the journeys that families sometimes must take together. Ken Shapiro of TravelAge West calls it "achingly beautiful, weirdly hilarious and always brutally honest." Keep scrolling for more info and reviews.

What They Say About "Prepare for Departure"

" Like David Sedaris, Mark Chesnut weaves dark humor (as well as a healthy dose of 1970s nostalgia) into his clever prose."

- Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, Writers Guild of America, East

"Written with deftly articulated humor and insight."

John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review

"Mark was born with a traveler's eye, one that sees below the surface, and a writer's voice, to share what he sees in ways that enlighten others."

Arnie Weissman, Travel Weekly

"Poignant, humorous and deeply moving."

Ann LeSchander, director, The Park Bench

What It's About

A touching and darkly humorous exploration of identity, coming out, aging and death, set against a backdrop of travel and the pursuit of life's dreams. If David Sedaris, Michelle Zauner and Samantha Irby were travel addicts, they might relate.

"Achingly beautiful, weirdly hilarious and always brutally honest."
 — Ken Shapiro, TravelAge West

Watch the Interview

Mark did interviews with a variety of media about Prepare for Departure, including TV, print media, websites and podcasts. He also made multiple appearances at book clubs and reading groups. 

More Reactions

"A Thoughtful and amusing memoir ... touching, inspirational and extremely funny."

- Christopher Verleger, Edge Media Network

"Funny and poignant ... beautifully written ... everyone with an aging parent will relate to this story."

Jack Rightmyer, Albany Times Union

"Pour yourself a drink, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Above all, it's about unconditional love and the special bond shared between a son and his mother."

Robert Adams, Passport Magazine

"Achingly beautiful, weirdly hilarious and always brutally honest."

Ken Shapiro, TravelAge West